Basic installation and running angular program /project

Basic installation and to just run a fresh project

Angular development environment needs node.js and npm package manager,  To run the angular application we don’t need node.js and npm. but npm depends on node.js and npm help us to write commands, to manage dependencies and get our development work done easily. So we are going to use the same.

1. Download the setup file of node.js from and install the same
Install node.js

2. Now we are ready with npm environment and with the help of npm, install angular
Go to command prompt and run following command
npm install –g @angular/cli

We are ready with Angular CLI

3. Let’s create your workspace and project to start your real work
To do so run following command
ng new yourAppaName

before creating a project it will ask for “routing” – say yes because mostly we create multiple components and to go from one page to another page we need a router, So say yes for routing
and also it will ask for styling type usually we use CSS so select CSS for styling purpose.
once we run above command and follow few steps mentioned above, it will create new project.

4. we can edit code in any editor but here I am going to use visual studio code (

now go to visual studio code
click on file -> open folder
and give the path of our created project it will open our project in vs code,
now press (Ctrl + ‘ )
you will get access to a command prompt inside visual studio code with help of the above shortcut.
to run our newly created application run the following command
ng serve

Or if you don’t want to use visual studio code.
4. then go to your newly created project directory using command prompt and run following command
ng serve

and if you want to open your application in the browser automatically, then add –open or –o in serve command
ng serve --open

We will see what are the components and how to create components and create simple project which will contain multiple pages


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